Feeling Fancy

 On Sunday I had plans to meet up with a friend I haven't seen in a year or so. I walked into my living room, all ready to leave, and my daughter glanced up, stared, and told me I looked really fancy. 

I was wearing jeans, a nice shirt, and a little bit of makeup. I'll leave it to your imagination what I have been wearing lately that makes jeans and a shirt look fancy.

The sad thing is I felt a little bit fancy.

This is what a global pandemic has done to me. 

I am home now after meeting my friend and chatting like mad for three hours straight. I am back in my usual junky clothes and I am sitting on my couch surrounded my books. This is my usual happy place but today I was happy to leave it, feel fancy, and visit with a friend. I think that is what I like about the current world situation. Of course, I don't mean I like the actual pandemic but, like many people, I like some of the changes it has forced upon me. What I particularly appreciate is that little things feel like big treats now. Previously, meeting a friend for lunch would have been pleasant but not earth-shakingly interesting. Now, it was the highlight of my week. 

Our lives are smaller than they once were. They are circumscribed by what is allowed, what is safe, and what we feel comfortable doing. We don't travel as far or fill our days as much. We have been forced to slow down. Maybe we have learned that we enjoy time on our own or that we need people more than we thought. We have found new ways to keep in touch with our friends and family. Sometimes, we have found out who really cares about us. 

We have gone back to the basics. We aren't running from thing to thing and from person to person. We look forward to simple things. 

We take the time to put on jeans, a nice shirt, and a little bit of makeup.

We enjoy the little things that brighten our day. 

We feel fancy.


  1. It's good to make the effort to feel fancy now and again. Just think how fancy you were in Edinburgh when you even got your legs out! That's a very rare event for me.

    1. I regularly wear skirts which makes Celia's reaction even funnier.