Would You Like a New Book?

Well, hello again internet. Tropical Storm Isiasis hit the east coast of the U.S. last Tuesday and I have been without internet ever since. I know that is not much to complain about. Our home wasn't damaged and we are all fine. We didn't even lose power for more than a few minutes for which I am eternally grateful. If we lose power we lose water since we have a well and I hate being without water. There are still almost 150,000 people in Connecticut who are without power. But, our lives are so entwined with the internet these days that being without it for almost a week was difficult; not in any entertainment way but in a practical way. Bills still needed to be paid, emails needed to be answered, recipes needed to be looked up.  And blog posts needed to be published. So, here is the blog post that was supposed to go out last Wednesday. 

The British Library has kindly been sending me the novels from their Women Writers series. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, they got a little confused and sent me these books twice. I contacted them and they were more than happy for me to pass them on to one of you. I read, reviewed, and enjoyed both of them. My review of Chatterton Square is here and my review of My Husband Simon is here. I highly recommend both of them.

If you would be interested in one or both of these books then please leave a comment below or contact me through email, Twitter, etc. Tell me which of the books you would like. Please, if you are at all interested speak up. Last time I offered a book no one responded. That was A House in the Country by Jocelyn Playfair. It is still available.

So, free books! Those are words that should appeal to anyone that reads this blog. Get them while the getting is good.

*All three books have been claimed. 


  1. And I was going to ask you how you came to have Mollie Panter-Downes since I cannot find anything by her here. That is the one that I would like, please? Since it would be coming to Canada, I'll spring for postage.

    1. I am so sorry but all the books have already been claimed. I hope you are doing well.