A Poem for a Thursday #72

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

Ada Limón is an American poet. She also writes fiction and nonfiction. In one interview, she talked about people who come to her readings and tell her that they don't like poetry but they do like her poems. She said she supposes that makes her the gateway drug for poetry and that is not a bad thing to be.

Say tomorrow doesn't come.
Say the moon becomes an icy pit.
Say the sweet-gum tree is petrified.
Say the sun's a foul black tire fire.
Say the owl's eyes are pinpricks.
Say the raccoon's a hot tar stain.
Say the shirt's plastic ditch-litter.
Say the kitchen's a cow's corpse.
Say we never get to see it:  bright
future, stuck like a burn star, never
coming close, never dazzling.
Say we never meet her. Never him.
Say we spend our last moments staring
at each other, hands knotted together,
clutching the dog, watching the sky burn.
say, It doesn't matter. Say, That would be
enough. Say you'd still want this:  us alive
right here, feeling lucky.

The Conditional
Ada Limón

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