Golden Moments #12

I haven't written one of these posts since last May. I suppose that says something about the past year. However, I am making an effort to concentrate on the positive so let's give this a try.

I am reading Little Women for the five millionth time. It is possible that number is accurate. I read it over and over and over when I was a kid and I still read it regularly. It is like sinking into a warm bath or climbing into a freshly made bed. So comforting. I know exactly what is going to happen and exactly what everyone is going to say and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am hoping to go see the movie this weekend. I am making my daughter come with me. I still haven't managed to convince her to read the book (one of my parenting failures) and I am hoping she will like the movie so much she will cave in and do my bidding!

My husband and I ran away overnight. We were gone a grand total of 24 hours but it was lovely. We ate yummy food, wandered through a couple of bookstores, and simply enjoyed each other's company.

My husband bought me a copy of Dreyer's English. I am on a roll with books about words and language and I have wanted it for a while. I started reading it in the bookstore and then put it back because I rarely buy new, hardcover books. He grabbed it and bought it anyway. What a nice man.

We called an old friend we haven't talked to in ages. He lives halfway across the country and we have known him so long he is more like family than anything else. It was very nice to catch up and it made my husband happy to talk to one of his oldest friends.

I took my daughter and her best friend ice skating. Celia has wanted to go for a long time and we have never gotten around to it. Her friend already knew how to skate but Celia was an absolute beginner. It was harder than she expected and she fell down a lot. It didn't come easily to her but she didn't give up, she kept smiling, and she had a blast. I sat on the sidelines and chatted with her friend's mom but next time I am going to skate too. It has been many, many years since I have skated so it should be interesting.

That isn't a particularly long list of golden moments but it is a list and that is a success in and of itself. What nice things have happened in your life lately?


  1. I'm struggling for recent golden moments - apart from seeing all our family over the festive season, seeing new growth in the garden already, having a lovely day out in Dunkeld, getting a lovely stack of books in the post!, and a bit further back - meeting you and Celia in Edinburgh. I'm also hoping to go to see Little Women soon.

    1. That is a lovely list. New growth in the garden is very nice. When does spring arrive for you?