A Poem for a Thursday #25

Photo by Viktor Vasicsek on Unsplash
Naomi Shihab Nye was born in Missouri and spent her high school years in Palestine and Texas. Her experiences as an Arab-American woman infuse her poetry. William Stafford has said that "her poems combine transcendent liveliness and sparkle along with warmth and human insight. She is a champion of the literature of encouragement and heart." Nye has written numerous books of poems including several for children.

It is not so much that the boat passed
and you failed to notice it.
It is more like the boat stopping
directly outside your bedroom window,
the captain blowing the signal-horn,
the band playing a rousing march.

The boat shouted, waving bright flags,
its silver hull blinding in the sunlight.

But you had this idea you were going by train.

You kept checking the time-table,
digging for tracks.

And the boat got tired of you,
so tired it pulled up the anchor
and raised the ramp.

The boat bobbed into the distance,
shrinking like a toy-
at which point you probably realized 
you had always loved the sea.

Missing the Boat
Noami Shihab Nye

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