Book Sale Treasures

I love books sales. I am sure none of you are surprised to hear that. It is the thrill of the hunt, the discovery of the book you didn't know you wanted, the bargain prices. All of it makes me happy. A few weeks ago, there was a book sale in Vernon, CT. I used to go to this sale every year when I lived in a neighboring town but now that I live an hour away I keep missing it since I never see it advertised. Through a set of fortuitous circumstances, I found out about it a few weeks ahead and actually had the time to devote an afternoon to it. I picked up my parents and dragged them along with me; not that they complained too much.

The sale had already been going on for a few days but they restock throughout the day so I was confident I could find a few treasures. I didn't find anything that made me shout with glee--no Viragos or Persephones--but I was content with my purchases. I bought fifteen books for $14.50. No, I don't know where I am going to put them. Right now they are in a box in my living room, sitting in front of one of my bookshelves, perfectly placed for everyone to trip over them as they walk by.

So, what did I buy? Well, I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to photograph my purchases. However, Jack the Cat thought he should feature in all the photos so I eventually gave up. See what I mean?

I think you can read all the titles. I mainly bought nonfiction. A lot of the fiction just was not my cup of tea. Here is a photo of the fiction books I bought.

My mom is definitely coveting the Miss Read books. They are such perfect things to read on a stressful day. I already read A Peaceful Retirement.

Today I will be in Boston right across the street from a bookstore. There really should be no need for me to go in. After all, I just bought fifteen books.

Who am I kidding? I know exactly where I am going on my lunch break.


  1. I had to read part of your post to my husband, just to prove, once again, that it's not just me! I've just finished unpacking my books from our recent move, everything fit nicely on the new shelves - until I continued to find books stuffed in boxes that weren't labeled books. I can't find the atlases I know I packed, so there must be at least one more box hiding books.
    Which book store will you visit? I used to live on Beacon Hill and work at One Financial Center. Brattle Book was conveniently between the two places and I used to stop at lunch (I walked home for lunch) or after work. That's where I got many of my wonderful old books.

    1. I'm glad your move went smoothly. New shelves sound lovely even though you might already need more! It is a perfect excuse to organize your books. I really need to re-organize mine. They are all jammed in randomly. It is just such a project that I keep putting it off.

      I love Brattle Book Shop! Unfortunately, I wasn't close enough to visit it yesterday. I just ran in the Barnes & Noble across the street. However, a city Barnes & Noble has a much better selection than my more local one. I took photos of tons of books so I can look them up and see if they are ones I want to buy next time I am in Boston.

  2. I'm going to a huge booksale in Edinburgh next week and your post has just made me even more excited about it! You got some great books.

    1. I still dream of going to Edinburgh and a book sale there sounds like a bit of paradise. I hope you find lots of wonderful books.