A Walk By The River


It has been hot, the kind of hot where you step outside and it feels like you are stepping into a steam bath.  The kind of hot where iced tea and ice cream seem like necessary adjuncts to everyday life.  The kind of hot where pools are not refreshing because the water has warmed up so much.  The kind of hot where you are grumpy for a large majority of the time.  Just me?  I hope not.

I hate heat.

My husband, in a bid to save me and my family from my grumpiness, suggested I take my camera up to the river and ignore the world for a while.  He said he would stay home with the kids.  I am going to assume that was pure kindness and not a conspiracy to give everyone a break from my bad attitude.  Either way, it worked.  I puttered along the river trail at the speed of glacier ice, took a few photographs, and finally remembered that the great outdoors can be pleasant even if you are dripping with sweat.


river and bridges

There were almost no people on the trail.  Maybe they were all discouraged by the relentless heat.  It made for a pleasant time for me.  It was so quiet that all the birds and small animals just went about their business and ignored me.

bird in a tree



We have had so little rain that everything looks a little faded and dusty.  I actually think it is a bit unfair that we have had no rain and yet the dew point has been so very high.  If we aren't going to get rain can't we at least have dry heat? I can cope better with that.  Hmmm, I feel the bad attitude creeping back in.  The wildflowers still look pretty though.




I returned home as a kinder, gentler, if slightly over-heated person. I managed to maintain that better attitude through a stop at the grocery store, the cooking of dinner, and the cleaning of the kitchen.  Sometimes we just need a bit of time to ourselves to potter along at the speed of glacier ice and appreciate the little things.

What do you do when you need a bit of a break?

Do you hate the heat too?  And tell me, why is it socially acceptable to complain about winter and the cold but as soon as you say you hate hot weather people look at you as if you said you hated puppies and kittens?


  1. I hate the hot humid weather too. I think people look askance when we say that because summer (if you're in the north) is so much shorter than winter, and they have the attitude "be grateful it's not snow". At least that's how it is here, I think. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have summer than winter but when the thermometer goes above 85, I want to call it quits.

    I'm glad the river walk helped.

    1. I think you are right. I know summer is short and I do enjoy some of it I just struggle with heat. I agree that 85 is about the top of my tolerance limit, especially if it is humid. Of course, maybe if I could spend every day at the beach I would not mind so much....

  2. oooo I love squirrels! that's a great photo! First time I ever saw a squirrel (not on TV but in real life) was in a London park!:)

    1. Oh, that is interesting. They run all over the place in my area.