Things That Make Me Happy

Cone flowers

These flowers.  These flowers make me happy.  My gardens are a mess.  They are full of weeds and overgrown.  They really need to be taken apart and redone.  I am slowly working at it but at my current rate of progress, they will be done when I am 185.  However, that does not prevent some gorgeous flowers from blooming amongst the weeds.  From a distance it even looks like I am quite the gardener, just don't get too close or the weeds will give me away.

Fudgsicles.  Fudgsicles also make me happy.  They taste like childhood and summer.  When the weeds get to be too much I eat a fudgsicle and all is right with the world.  Fudgsicles remind me of walking down to the corner store on steaming hot days and buying treats for the whole family.  Though Popsicles were bigger then. Remember twin pops?  If there was only one of a favorite flavor left you had to carefully split it in half and share it with a sibling.  I don't think they make twin pops anymore, do they?  Children these days are missing out.

I found a stash of costume jewelry in the attic.  My daughter and I had fun looking through it.  I gave her a pair of earrings which thrilled her.  I am glad I saved the jewelry.  Styles do cycle, don't they? You know you are getting older when everyone is excited about the latest fashion and you just look at it and remember your teenage years.

My kids played Scrabble with me the other night.  It was an interesting game because my son has no patience for anyone who takes a long time to come up with a word.  He thinks you should put down the first word you see.  So really, we played speed Scrabble.  It was challenging in a whole different way and strangely enjoyable.  There was none of that sitting around while someone looks for the best possible word.  You just put something down and move on.  I actually kind of recommend it.

It has been fun to watch my son revert to his childhood and get so excited while playing Pokemon Go on his phone.  There is nothing like watching an almost 16-year-old practically bounce with excitement after catching a Charmander. Parenting provides strange pieces of esoteric knowledge.  Imagine, I actually know what a Charmander is.  Do you?

Planning vacations also makes me happy.  I have to clarify here, these are not vacations I am actually likely to take.  I just enjoy dreaming and planning.  Right now I want to go to Iceland.  It looks so beautiful.  I also want to go to Scotland.  And Norway.  You can tell it is summer and the heat bothers me.  All my travel dreams involve chillier locations.

What has made you happy lately?


  1. Replies
    1. I never played either but my kids love it.

  2. My container garden has gotten weird this year -- I keep having things grow beautifully for a bit and then suddenly die off. Hmm.

    Speed Scrabble sounds great! We played something similar in college, but I can't think right now what we called it. We didn't use the board, though, so it was a little more like Bananagrams, but not.

    1. We need rain. It is so dry that clouds of dust followed my son around as he mowed. Everything is looking a bit withered except for the weeds. Of course.

      I do recommend speed Scrabble. Sometimes a real game can take so long but this is easy to do for a little while during an evening. Plus, it levels the playing field a bit for a variety of ages.