London Snapshots


This is a purely self-indulgent post.  I have five million more pictures of London just sitting on my computer and it seems a pity not to share them, or so it appears to me.  If I am being honest, I wish I was back in London right now and this gives me an excuse to dream a bit.  I hope you enjoy my completely random selection of photographs.



The pictures above are all from Greenwich.  We love wandering through the park there and when you get to the top, up by the Greenwich Observatory, there are some great views of London.  There is also a nice Oxfam bookshop in Greenwich so I wasn't book deprived during this outing which we all know is the most important consideration.

Millennium Bridge and St Paul's

St. Paul's, the Millennium Bridge, five million professional photographers.  I felt like a fraud, snapped a few photos and moved on.

London--the Thames


And now more gardens, and flowers, and empty benches.  I seem to have a thing for photographing empty benches.




garden--water feature


Do you ever debate with yourself whether you would live in the city or the country if you had your choice?  I do all the time because I like to complicate my life with completely unnecessary conundrums.  I think the city is wonderful because of the cultural opportunities and the restaurants and the public transport and...the list just goes on and on.  But then the country, with the peace and the quiet and the lack of people.  I think I need a flat in London and a cozy cottage in the countryside and I will split my time between the two.  I'm so glad we have that settled.

London Underground


I have said it before and I will say it again. London just makes me happy.  And pictures of London also make me happy.  Now if there was just some way to acquire that London flat...


  1. Dear Jennifer, the entrance to the High Street Kensington tube station makes me so very happy and nostalgic. I lived so close to that tube station during my semester abroad.

    Did you ever try any of the London restaurants I recommended?

    1. What a lovely area to live. Of course, I would happily live anywhere in London....

      Oh dear, no, we didn't make it to any of your restaurants. I still have them on my list of London possibilities so maybe next time. Now I feel bad after you were nice enough to make the recommendations.

    2. Oh no, please don't feel bad. I just wanted to know whether you enjoyed them, that's all!