A New Book Obsession And Some Old Favorites

spring blooms

I read The Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett last week.

I think I have a new addiction.  Why on earth have I never read these before?

There are six books in the series and I currently have all the remaining ones in my online cart.  I am sure before the end of the day I will have pushed "purchase."

To be honest, I wasn't sure what I thought about the book at first.  I don't know much about the history of the time period and I felt continually confused by events, characters, and motivations.  Eventually, I got so caught up in the story it didn't matter that I was occasionally a bit befuddled.  Then I got to the end and it all just galloped forward at a breathless dash with me desperately trying to keep up.  I do think I will end up reading it again just to get things clearer in my head and I am sure there are sections that will read completely differently now that I know the end.

Persuasion--Jane Austen

I found this beautiful copy of Persuasion at the library saleroom.  I already own a copy of Persuasion but it is my favorite Austen (depending on the day and my mood) and it was only fifty cents.  I couldn't leave it behind.  Besides, it is just so pretty.

I never used to be seduced by gorgeous covers.  It was the words that did it for me, but lately, I find myself picking up books because of how they look.  I think Persephone Books is to blame for that.  I fell in love with their dove-grey covers and that was the beginning of the end.

I have also been rereading the Miles Vorkosigan books by Lois McMasters Bujold.  My son loves them and I have been slowly buying the ones he is missing.  As they show up in the mail I am rereading them.  So much fun. Captain Vorpatril's Alliance came in the mail yesterday but unfortunately, my son got hold of it before I could. If you like science fiction, space opera type books go read them right now.  Yes, I realize we made quite the literary jump from Austen to midget, egocentric space commanders. (Aren't you intrigued?  Go.  Read.)   That is the joy of being a book lover.  There is always something new and different.

I picked up a Miss Silver mystery by Patricia Wentworth.  Lisa at TBR 313 reviews them regularly and they sound like fun.  I think it is possible I read one or two years and years ago but if I did I have no real recollection of them. The library book sale only had one, The Ivory Dagger, so I grabbed it.  It looks like it should be a nice escape from reality.

It is Sunday afternoon as I am writing this.  We went out for a nice lunch as a family.  My husband and son are watching the 1960 version of The Time Machine.  My husband has been revisiting all his favorite old movies and educating our son about them at the same time.  My son is slightly horrified at the paltry special effects but is enjoying them nonetheless. I would say it is a nice father-son bonding experience except that expression makes me cringe so I will just say it is good fun.  My daughter is watching a movie on her tablet.  She doesn't like any movie that is even slightly intense so that rules out her father's beloved old science fiction films.

a girl and her bear

I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet.  I'll curl up on the couch and finish my book.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll place a book order.  After all, I do need to know what happens next in Francis Crawford of Lymond's life, don't I?


  1. Even from the title, The Game of Kings sounds like something I would like. I love political intrigue and kingdom history. I will virtuously refuse to research further as I am going on a book low-buy. So many unread books!

    That copy is Persuasion is beautiful. And I blame Persephone for being such a book cover fanatic too!

    1. Political intrigue, kingdom history, this might be the book series for you. You could just take a little look....

  2. Oh, Lymond! I have never read anything as intensely & obsessively as the Chronicles, particularly the last book. And when I finished it, I went right back & started Game of Kings again & read through the series. After Queens Play, you will want to have all the books in hand!

    1. I meant to add that it was an online Dunnett group that introduced me to Lois Bujold's books.

    2. You will be happy to hear that I did order all the other books in the series. That is my reading sorted for the next little while. Now I just need to wait for them to come in the mail. I am already feeling a bit impatient. I do have the second one so I can start on that.

      Hmmm, interesting that the Dunnett group introduced you to the Miles books. But I suppose both have a slightly obnoxious but strangely likeable main character who talks too much. I can see the connection.

  3. I only recently read Game of Kings and am also wondering how it took me so long to get around to this series. Living in Scotland I've known about them for years so I have no excuse.

    1. I know, I have walked by them in libraries and bookshops so many times and never picked them up. I am glad I finally did.