I had one job

Or, to be more accurate, I had one small list (in my head) of things to be done yesterday.  It was Sunday, not much was required of me.  I needed to:

-Get some paperwork signed for my son's school
-Buy my son safety glasses (he attends a technical high school and he needs them for shop)
-iron his shop shirts
-wash and vacuum the car
-make tacos for dinner since I promised them to my daughter

I didn't do any of it.  Now, before you picture me sitting on the couch happily enjoying a lazy Sunday, let's make one thing clear.  I didn't choose not to do any of it.  I forgot to do it all.  As in, literally did not remember one thing. Well, I did feed my family dinner, but they did not get tacos because I had forgotten to buy the taco shells.  Of course.  Which brings me to my question. Where has my brain gone and can I please have it back?

I used to be the person who never forgot anything.  I was the organized one, the on-time one, the one who had my act together.  Lately, I am the one who barely remembers what that was like.  I know after I had my kids there was the expression "baby brain" for the new moms who couldn't think straight.  Maybe there is a similar expression for people my age.  How about "middle-aged-mom brain"?  Or maybe "over-stressed -mom brain"  Or maybe we should just go with "slightly-insane-mom brain"  None of them quite have that catchy ring to them that I want.  My son just says I am old and that is why I forget.  Of course, there speaks the teenager who routinely forgets to hang up his towel after his shower.

I think I need to go back to using a paper planner.  I was much more organized when I used to do that.  Am I the only one who has trouble with calendars and lists on my phone?

So today I have another list of things to do.  Of course, it is much longer since it is Monday, but I am writing it down so maybe I will get some of it done.

Oh, and one more confession, I took a shower yesterday and forgot to wash my hair.  How does one do that?  I didn't realize until I was completely dressed and combing my hair out and it wasn't tangled.

So if there are reports of a dazed woman with greasy hair wandering through town while clutching a list in her hand, that would be me.  I apologize in advance.

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