And so it begins

I am sitting on my couch with my laptop, trying to find the words for a first post.  It feels like it should be momentous.  I made this blog and I thought I had something to say.  Where are the words now?  Of course, they could be in hiding because they don't want to compete with all the words coming from my daughter.  She has been searching the attic for some stuffed animals she played with when she was smaller and now she is having an ongoing conversation about names for them.  Have you ever had to come up with a name for a bad guy teddy bear (who knew that was a thing?) when the name has to have something to do with water?  You would think after ten years of helping her name stuffed animals I would be better at it.  She did not like my suggestion of Drizzle.  Imagine that.

So there you have it, a little snippet of my life. My daughter, teddy bears, my thoughts getting sidetracked by the everyday.  But that is okay. Because I think that is why I want to do this.  I want to remember the little things, rant about the annoying things, and have somewhere to discuss the interesting things.

And the teddy bear?  She named him Hydro.  He is the one on the left.

crocheted teddy bears

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