Golden Moments #13


an apple tree on a fall day

I just checked and the last time I wrote a "Golden Moments" post was in January. That sums up nicely the state of the world. To be honest, I would not say my life has been full of golden moments in the last month or so. There has been a lot of difficult things going on. However, I use these posts to try to focus a bit on the little things that brighten a difficult world. Let's hope I can come up with an entire post's worth of good things. I have my doubts. 

My daughter and I went apple picking with some friends. Celia immediately reverts to about 5 years old (she is 15) when she is doing anything outdoors and her enthusiasm is a joy to behold. We picked more apples than anyone else (more than we really needed) and I used the last of them to make an apple pie yesterday. 

It is raining. It hasn't really rained in weeks, maybe months. I am home with the rain beating down and nowhere I have to be for another hour. I should be cleaning the attic but I am ignoring my responsibilities and reading my book and writing this post instead. It is peaceful and relaxing. 

My son started a part-time job. He has some chronic health issues that are slowly resolving and this is a huge step for him. He is pleased to finally be making progress in his life and I am pleased to see him happy.

Twice in the last week, we have played board games as a family. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in our own private worries and responsibilities. It has been lovely to put all that aside and spend time together. We have been playing Catan and one of my son's multitudinous Star Wars games. If anyone has suggestions for board games I would be thrilled. We are looking for things we can play together, without too long a setup, and more collaborative than competitive. 

I am on an Angela Thirkell binge and it is comforting and lovely. There are few things like sinking into life in Barsetshire to relax you. The mail truck just pulled up to the mailbox and I think I saw him put a package in the box. It just might be one of the two Thirkell novels I ordered this week. I am trying to complete my collection. Book mail is always a happy thing. 

We had a campfire in the backyard last week. We have been wanting to for ages but various things kept getting in the way. It was a lovely, cool night. My husband and son were in and out but Celia and I parked ourselves by the fire and didn't leave. We had sparklers and s'mores and it felt like being on vacation.

What golden moments have you experienced in your life lately?

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  1. you should play Ticket to ride, Carcassonne, Codenames, etc. we've had some golden moments too this year:)