A Poem for a Thursday #85

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash
David Rowbotham was an Australian journalist, teacher, and poet. He became interested in writing during World War II when he kept a poetry notebook and took a journalism course through correspondence. He published fifteen collections of poetry during his lifetime and also helped found major literary festivals in Australia.

Draw down the blind and let the dark
Around the spinning starlight mark
That there's a stillness in this room
When Love the planet circles home.

And, from its chaliced beauty, lays
And legends of the world's first days
Move to our lips, from which shall flow
Another lay that earth may know

When men and women worshipping
In far centuries at evening
Are glad our stillness and our song
Were here a legend of their own.

Draw down the blind and now between
The Eden and the ending sun
Cleave ages and evade all death
Like the planet that we lie beneath. 

Draw Down The Blind
David Rowbotham

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