Things That Make Me Happy

Books, stacks of books all around me so I always have plenty to choose from.

Second-hand bookshops with plenty of treasures to be unearthed.

Thrift stores for the same reason.


Waking up on the first morning of a vacation with plenty of time in front of me.

A new, pretty notebook.

Fountain pens.

Baking cookies.

Walking on the beach.

A hug from one of my kids.

A hug from my husband.

Occasionally, a few hours home alone.

Writing something I am kind of, a little bit, maybe, happy with.

Listening to music in the car with my daughter.

Walking around a city where no one knows me.


Talking to an old friend who always understands.

Taking photographs.


A week at our favorite farmhouse in New York.

Being driven to helpless laughter by my son who can talk circles around me.

Books. Did I mention the books?


  1. They're all definitely 'reasons to be cheerful'. I see you have The Oaken Heart in your pile, I loved that one and although I don't do many rereads I will read that one again, I'm sure. I love your favourite farmhouse.

    1. I reread a lot and I probably should reread that. I really enjoyed it. My favorite farmhouse is actually one of my favorite places on earth. Perfect, peaceful, relaxing. I wish it belonged to me and I could sink into life there whenever I wanted.

  2. Great list! I am always surrounded by books and always on the look out for new diaries or netbooks. I have to buy new ones as they hold such promise of artistic bullet diarising. Once I start, they never look as I want them to. Lucinda

    1. I tried bullet journaling and there were things I liked about it but I am not artistic at all and my handwriting is awful so mine just looked a mess!