Winter Plans

The days are dark and cold now. At least fifteen layers are required in order to spend an extended time outdoors. Soon the world will be covered in snow and ice. I'll take it. Snow and ice are better than heat and humidity any day. However, even I agree that winter needs some fun to brighten the long stretches of cold. Here is my list of things to improve any winter.

Hot chocolate preferably with marshmallows. Not the stuff from a packet but the good hot chocolate made with cocoa and sugar and a bit of time.

Ideally, you will be drinking your hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire in your fireplace.

Of course, you should also be reading a book. Winter is the perfect time to read that huge, chunky book you have been meaning to get around to. War and Peace, Middlemarch, a Dickens novel; which shall it be?

If you are anything like me you have a selection of craft projects you started last winter and never finished. Now is the perfect time to finish some of them. Or, alternatively, start yet more projects that will never be finished.

Bake. Fill your house with the warm scents of ginger and molasses, pumpkin, apples, fresh-baked bread hot from the oven.

Embrace the layers. Find the coziest sweater, the softest blanket, the warmest slippers, and just revel in them.

Go for a walk in the snow. Ideally, this should be done while it is still snowing. Catch snowflakes on your tongue. Enjoy the muffled silence of a snowy world. Flop down in the snow and make a snow angel. Start a snowball fight.

Go sledding. It is guaranteed to warm you up and make you feel like a kid again. Feel free to be surprised at just how exhausting it is. Was that walk back up the hill so steep when you were younger? Never mind. Jump on the sled and leave your cares, and age, behind.

Go ice skating.  This should be done on a frozen pond but if that isn't available a man-made, outdoor rink will do. Fall down and get up again. Laugh. Admire all the cute little kids who are way better at skating than you will ever be.

Play board games, cribbage, Scrabble, and any other game of your choice. Long evenings give you plenty of time.

Learn a new skill. Have you always been interested in drawing, wood carving, photography, knitting? Whatever your interest is, winter evenings are the perfect time to watch a few tutorials and get a start on making your interest a reality.

Organize; that cluttered closet, those overstuffed bookshelves.

Plan for that next vacation, that house renovation, that party. Whatever makes you happy.

Admire the beauty around you. It is there even if it is not as obvious as the lush, summer beauty. Admire the beauty of a snowflake. Be in awe of the stark branches of tree against an ice-blue sky. Laugh at the antics of birds fighting over the seed you scattered in front of your window. Marvel at their colors against the snow.

Drink tea, read books, be happy.


  1. sounds great! I plan to enjoy as many Christmas markets as we manage in my area:)

  2. Replies
    1. I am not sure I love winter but it is definitely better than summer.

  3. Perfect, it sounds like my life, apart from my sledging days being over now (I think) and not being able to ice skate at all, nor do we have an open fire nowadays but I wish we did have. Oh - and we haven't had any snow yet, just ice! Also I would add in jigsaw puzzles.

    1. We have only had snow flurries so far but I am sure sledding and ice skating are in my future if Celia has anything to say about it.