Scotland, We Loved You

Here are a few totally uniformed opinions about Scotland based on my one week visit.

It is very pretty. Apparently, the Highlands are even prettier than the area we visited. I will be happy to return and test that theory.

The people are unbelievably friendly. Everyone talked to us. Everyone was helpful. It was lovely.

Scones with cream and jam are the food of the gods.

You can spend a lot of time at the Edinburgh Zoo before the panda decides to emerge. For a whole 2.5 minutes. But that was enough to make Celia's day.

Glasgow is a bit rough around the edges and not quite what I expected but we loved it and would happily live there.

Edinburgh was objectively prettier but it was so crowded because of the festival going on. We will have to go back. Of course.

There are a lot of castles. Celia would happily visit all of them.

I bought some books.

There was a Waterstones around the corner from our hotel. A couple of mornings Celia slept in a bit and I went to the cafe for tea and cake and some book browsing. It was the perfect way to start a day.

We walked over 60 miles in a week. It balanced out all the cake and scones. I wish we lived in a place where we didn't have to drive everywhere.

Trains are very affordable. We went to Edinburgh twice, Stirling, and Loch Lomond. The most we paid was about 13 pounds. For both of us. Round trip. That is amazing. Celia is under 16 so her ticket was 1 pound every time.

Bagpipes are best enjoyed from a distance.

Walled gardens make me happy.

Our flight home was canceled and we got an extra 24 hours in Scotland. Once we knew we had a bed for the night we had absolutely no complaints about that.

British Airways then decided to check our bags for free. If only I had known before I had arrived at the airport I could have bought more books.

Celia has decided she is going to grow up and move to Scotland. I don't have the heart to explain the impossibilities of moving to the U.K. so I am just joining her in unrealistic dreams.

Yes, Scotland, we loved you.

One more thing; Simon, at Stuck in a Book, has brought back his My Life in Books series. I am one of the two bloggers featured today. If you want to read the post it is here.


  1. My bestie went to Scotland on a business trip a couple years ago and adored it too. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    BTW, I tagged you here with a bookish tag. Play if you want to :-)

    1. We had such a good time. I would love to go back sometime and explore the Highlands.

      Life is a bit crazy but I'll take a look at your post again after the weekend. Thanks!

  2. I'm so glad that you both had a good time in Scotland. It was lovely meeting up with you. I don't suppose you will want to lose Celia to Scotland, but I know quite a few 'Yanks' who have moved here, the easiest way would be for her to marry a Scot or Brit. If we ever get independence there would be no problem as we need people!

    1. It was lovely meeting you as well. I've told Celia that I am more than happy for her to marry a Scot or a Brit. It will give me someone to visit! Of course, I would love to move to the U.K. too. I briefly got excited when I saw there was an ancestry visa for people who had a grandparent born in the U.K. but I came back down to earth when I realised it was only for Commonwealth countries.

  3. sounds like you had a wonderful time in Scotland! I thought too that Glasgow was a bit rough around the edges but pretty interesting!

    1. It was, but the people were so very friendly.

  4. I am so glad you had such a wonderful trip! And as for Celia's dream of moving to Scotland one day, where there's a will there's always a way. I have so many friends who've ended up at graduate school in the UK for a couple of years or done exchanges there during undergrad (I did mine in England). It's a fun option and she's got lots of time to plan (and save) for it!

    1. That is true. And if she moves to Scotland I would always have someone to stay with when I traveled there. It sounds perfect to me!