A Poem for a Thursday #38

I am in New Hampshire on vacation this week and everywhere there are lupins in bloom. They are planted in gardens and growing wild and neglected by the side of the road. They are beautiful. I went looking for a poem about them and found this by Seamus Heaney.

They stood. And stood for something. Just by standing.
In waiting. Unavailable. But there
For sure.  Sure and unbending.
Rose-fingered dawn's and navy midnight's flower.

Seed packets to begin with, pink and azure,
Sifting lightness and small jittery promise:
Lupin spires, erotics of the future,
Lip-brush of the blue and earth's deep purchase.

O pastel turrets, pods and tapering stalks
That stood their ground for all our summer wending
And even when they blanched would never balk.
And none of this surpassed our understanding.

Seamus Heaney

Brona has snuck a poem into her book review this week. Reese at Typings has several Philosophical Limericks.


  1. They're so easy to grow from seed too - and the bees adore them!

    1. I didn't know that. I think I will plant some.

  2. Lovely to be reminded as we watch the leaves fall from our trees, that somewhere is warm and sunny with gorgeous summer blooms on the way - happy holidays to you - hope you enjoy your time away.

    1. But autumn is my favorite time of year. Summer is pretty but I hate humidity. New Hampshire was much cooler than home though.