A Poem for a Thursday #11

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

Leonora Speyer was a poet and violinist. She won the Pulitzer Prize for one of her poetry collections. She said about her poetry "Having played the violin since my early youth it seemed but another expression, perhaps a more subtle one, of the same art to find myself writing, studying, deep in the metrics of musical words." I love the way swallows swoop and soar through the sky. Her poem captures that perfectly.

They dip their wings in the sunset,
They dash against the air
As if to break themselves upon its stillness: 
In every movement, too swift to count,
Is a revelry of indecision,
A furtive delight in trees they do not desire
And in grasses that shall not know their weight.

They hover and lean toward the meadow
With little edged cries;
And then,
As if frightened at the earth's nearness,
They seek the high austerity of the evening sky
And swirl into its depth. 

Leonora Speyer

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