Golden Moments #6

  • A brief walk in the woods on a cold, crisp, clear day. Even in the middle of winter, the woods are beautiful. Look at that tree trunk. Isn't it incredible?
  • Celia got new glasses and decided she looks "amazing." Since she is twelve and in the depths of twelve-year-old insecurities this was so nice to hear. We all need to admit a bit more often that we are just amazing. 
  • My parents celebrated fifty years of marriage. We had a party. Since the fiftieth anniversary is the golden anniversary this definitely counts as a golden moment. 
  • I took my son, who deals with a chronic health condition, to a new doctor. The doctor was optimistic and thinks she will be able to help him. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • Remember when I wrote a post about my new leather journal? Portland Leather Goods makes leather tote bags as well. They are much more than I would usually spend but I have been stalking them online for months. A couple of weeks ago my perseverance paid off and I got one for 70 percent off. It was delivered last week and I love it. It is one of those things that will just get better with age. 
  • My husband and I went out for dinner by ourselves. I am pretty sure this has made it into other Golden Moments posts but we don't go out by ourselves very often so it is guaranteed to make an ordinary weekend feel a bit special. 
  • I successfully forced multiple books on my daughter this week and, so far, she has liked them all. Though I still can't convince her to read Little Women. I'm going to die trying. 
  • My grandmother, who regularly reads my blog (Hi Grandma!) is saving a book for me. She has read all my bookish rambling and thinks it is just the type of thing I will like. It is so sweet of her and I will report back about it. 
  • The perfect cup of tea in my favorite mug which I  drank while sitting in my favorite spot on the couch, the spot I usually have to fight for. I drank it while reading a favorite book of my childhood that I hadn't read in years. The house was quiet and the book was as good as I remembered. If that isn't a golden moment then I don't know what is.  


  1. That's a lovely list, and you've made me consider what moments may be passing by that I need to stop & appreciate more.

    I can't help wondering which book went so well with your tea and your favorite spot!

    1. Greensleeves by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. I think you would like it. I loved it as a teenager and read it over and over. Then it became impossible to find. It was recently reprinted and I was very relieved to find that it lived up to my memories.

  2. Brava to your patience, waiting for the leather bag sale!

    Please don't give up trying to get your daughter to read Little Women. You may add my voice, if it would help. :-)

    And, finally, oh! If only my Gram were here to read my blog. Treasure that.

    Thanks once again for sharing these golden moments.

    1. Believe me, she will read Little Women one day! She found out that Beth dies and now she doesn't want to read it. Plus, the title put her off. She pictures a bunch of boring girls sitting around drinking tea. But never fear, I will succeed at some point!