December Plans//Running Away

I want to run away.

I want to run away from stress and anxieties and problems I can't solve because, heaven knows, this year has been filled with all of those things.

I want to stop worrying about my kids and health issues and all the nonsense that wakes me up at 2:00 a.m. and doesn't let me get back to sleep.

I want my husband to relax and enjoy life for a little bit.

I want to forget that even if I run away I will have to come back and deal with it all again.

I want to pretend for just a little while that everything is under control and manageable, that the mountains are really molehills instead of the other way around.

I want to have a bit of time to put life in perspective, to look at things from a distance and see how, in the grand scheme of things, nothing is too earth-shakingly terrible and we will all survive.

I want to sit in coffee shops and wander through bookstores and ignore the passing of time.

I want to put down the burdens for just a little bit so I can pick them up again with renewed strength.

I want a chance to remember that many of the things that bring me stress also bring me joy.

I want to spend time with my husband.

I want my kids to have fun with their grandparents before my son grows up so much that a week at their house no longer fits into his schedule.

I want to go somewhere familiar and easy and stress-free. Now is not the time for new adventures and new experiences.

I want to go to London because sometimes escaping into another life and another country for just a little bit is the only way to gain the strength to continue dealing with the stress and the anxieties and the problems.

I want to remember that life is to be enjoyed. It is not just a list of chores and responsibilities to be checked off.

I want to end this year on a high as a counterbalance to the plethora of lows.

I want to run away to London. So that is what we are going to do.


  1. Have a great time and don't buy too many books!

    1. Well, we both know I am pretty much guaranteed to buy too many books. I still really, really want to make it to Scotland but, for various reasons, this is not the time. One day....

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. We will. Escape is necessary at times.

  3. Your post could be the anthem of our times! We were just comparing sleep disruptions with friends the other evening. Oh, for a good solid night's sleep. I hope you have a great time in London, but, then, how could you not!

    1. We will enjoy our time in London. Sometimes you just need to get away. I hope you get a solid night's sleep soon!