Golden Moments #5

Wickham Park

A perfect cup of tea out of a pretty mug on a cold morning. It was sipped while curled up under my favorite cozy but slightly ugly afghan. What a peaceful way to start the day.

A fancy box of chocolates bought for no reason and shared around the table on a Monday night after dinner.

Sitting with my husband looking out at this view. We both took the day off and went out to lunch, to the park, and to visit my grandmother. My husband proposed to me looking out at this view over twenty-eight years ago.

A book I forgot I ordered showed up in the mail. This regularly appears in "golden moments" lists but that is fine. I never can quite keep track of how many books I have ordered and I always enjoy being surprised when they arrive.


The beautiful sunsets this time of year. They make my backyard look beautiful.

My son telling me that I am a good cook but a truly exceptional baker. I had made chocolate cake.

My aunt and grandmother who found out about my blog and were flatteringly interested. Yes, I know I have had it for over two years. I just don't talk about it that much.

My son who came home so excited about something he did in shop in school that he talked for twenty minutes straight and showed me blueprints of what he was doing. I understood nothing but I thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiasm.

Jack, the cat, had surgery to remove a tumor from his mouth. Jack is my husband's baby so we were all very worried. The vet called and the tumor was benign. Jack has now recovered well and is back on a normal diet. He is distinctly irked that he no longer gets all the canned food he wants. We are distinctly pleased he will be around to complain about it for a bit longer.

autumn in New England

All the leaves that are starting to change colors. Autumn is a bit late this year but we are finally getting the cooler nights that lead to the pretty leaves. I love the smell of autumn; the leaves, the woodsmoke, the cool, crisp air. It is all wonderful.

What golden moments have you had in your life lately?


  1. My most recent golden moment was my three-year-old grandson running to me and throwing himself in my arms when he saw me for the first time in a month. "I wuv vou," he said.

    What a wonderful post this is! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. That is a shining golden moment. He must bring you so much joy.

  2. An afternoon with a pot of tea and pleasant conversation shared with my sister.
    An evening walk in the woods by the light of a rose-hued sunset.
    A long-awaited excursion with my favorite niece.
    And a comfortable new pair of shoes!

    1. And we both know that finding a comfortable pair of shoes is the holy grail of consignment shopping.

    2. An afternoon with a pot of tea and pleasant conversation with my sister!
      A walk along the Charles River Esplanade, even when rain threatens.
      Our cozy favorite hotel near the hospital that makes Boston trips a treat. (It is closing for renovations next month)
      Unplanned last minute visits from loved ones.