More Than You Wanted To Know About Me

I read a blog post recently debating whether or not personal posts should be included on book blogs.  People seemed to come down strongly on one side or the other.  Either they wanted book posts and nothing but book posts or they enjoyed the posts that let them get a glimpse into the personality behind the blog.  I am firmly in the personality behind the blog club. I like to read about books but I am also insatiably curious about people.  I like to know a little about their lives, their interests beyond books, where they live, their favorite dessert.  You can call it nosy, I call it...well, if I am honest, I guess I would have to call it nosy too.

In the unlikely event that some of you are just as curious about me as I am about you, I am going to provide a random collection of harmless facts about me and my life.  I think I did something like this when I first started blogging but since I had about two readers at the time I feel pretty safe in doing it again.  So, here goes.

  • If I absolutely had to pick a favorite author it would be Jane Austen. That is an agonizing decision though and even writing that makes me feel as if I am being disloyal to all my other favorites.  
  • I firmly believe that organized sports are an invention of the devil. 
  • So is squash.
  • I have never dyed my hair.  The grey hair that is starting to appear might change that, especially if my kids continue to point out how it is increasing. 
  • Blue is my favorite color.
  • I can't sing. 
  • Or dance. I have no sense of rhythm at all.
  • I am also totally incapable of identifying the artist responsible for a piece of music. I can love it and have listened to it for years but don't ask me who sings it. I can guarantee I won't know.
  • I have an ongoing obsession with Myers-Briggs personality tests. (INFJ if you are curious.)
  • Tea over coffee.
  • Chocolate is the nectar of the gods.
  • I hate confrontation. But I am getting better about speaking up when necessary. 
  • I am not really a crier. Except when I am angry, which is really frustrating. 
  • I don't completely trust people who don't like to read.
  • I make a really good pizza.
  • And cookies.
  • Fudge ripple is my favorite ice cream.  Add some caramel sauce and you have perfection in a bowl.
  • I am convinced that somewhere out there is the perfect purse that will work for all occasions.  I am still searching for it. In the meantime, I own way too many not-quite-perfect purses.
  • England is my favorite place to go on vacation.
  • I love the beach and find it very relaxing but I am frequently overwhelmed by the sheer number of people on the beaches.  
  • Actually, I am frequently overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in life. 
  • I dislike small talk. But I also hate those fake intense conversations some people have. Just converse, people. Let the conversation take you where it will. 
  • I worry too much.  
  • I don't have the brain for chess.  My husband doesn't have the brain for Scrabble.  We have settled on cribbage. 
  • My daughter has been taking horseback riding lessons and now I think I would like to learn too. That is a dream for the future, though. 
  • I am not a huge TV watcher. I drive my husband crazy because I keep recording shows and then I never get around to watching them. 
  • I really don't like alcohol.
  • I can't whistle.
  • I love the sound of water--streams, rivers, the ocean.  So relaxing and peaceful.
  • Autumn is my favorite time of year. Crisp, cool air, blue skies, colorful leaves. I love it all.
  • I really, really dislike being hot. Summer and I don't get along. 
  • I have a phobia of mice. I once made my husband come home from work to set a trap because I saw a mouse in my closet. He is a very kind man.
  • My first memory is from when I was 9 months old. No one believes me when I tell them that but my mom can verify it. I provided details of the event that she had never told me.
  • My first job was in a newspaper office.  I was in high school. My dad was my boss. 
  • I got married two weeks after I turned twenty. Yes, I know that is very young but yes, I would do it again.
  • We were married ten years before we had our son.
  • Physical books over ebooks. But I love my Kindle for vacation. No more weighing down my suitcase with five million books and still worrying about running out of reading material.
  • Patience is not a virtue I possess.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I love the smell of lilacs in the spring.
So there you have it. Approximately forty not particularly interesting facts about me. But, if you are the nosy type, this should have been right up your alley.

Now, satisfy my curiosity. Provide a few interesting, or not so interesting, facts about you.


  1. Great post Here's a few disjointed thoughts in response. I also like the sound of water. I enjoy camping and will sleep like a baby when the camp site is near a creek. I love old books and really have to force myself to read something on the current bestseller list. I love to garden.

    1. A campsite by a creek sounds very relaxing. I don't read many contemporary books either. I am sure there are good ones out there but I feel like I have to wade through so many inferior ones to find them. The old ones are tried and true. People have already read them and discussed them.

  2. Such a lovely list, and such fun to see other connections in addition to the books we both love (and reading itself, and talking about books). Tea, chocolate, England for vacations, the loathing of being hot (when I've lived half my life in the south), physical books.

    Just a few for me: I'm left-handed. I loathe broccoli and I can't eat lima beans without gagging. I don't like talking on the phone and get very anxious having to call people I don't know. I love grey tabby cats, they have the best personalities. I don't think I can pick a single favorite author, but Jane Austen, Dorothy Dunnett, Dorothy L. Sayers are my top three. I think I'd take Persuasion on my desert-island list, but I can never decide for sure (and I refuse to take one of those compendium volumes of all her novels - I hate oversize books like that).

    Hmmm, rather a random list...

    1. But I like random lists! It is how you get to know someone.

      I almost included my dislike of talking on the phone. I have to brace myself to call someone I don't know. It makes me so uncomfortable.

      I agree about Persuasion as a desert island choice. I saw a lovely copy of it at a library book sale and didn't buy it because I really don't need a third copy. Now I am regretting it. And no, oversize books are not acceptable. They have to be easy to hold and they have to fit in a purse.

  3. fun post! :) I'm a cat person, love chocolate, practiced ballet for years when I was a kid, can't play a single instrument yet my dad's a musician, prefer psychical books, love swimming, often play board games, speak several languages...:)

    1. You speak several languages? Which ones? I really wish I could speak something besides English.

    2. well, I speak Croatian, English, French and some Italian:)

  4. I think that personal posts are fine for book blog. Who we are has a lot of relevance to what we read and how are opinions relate to books. Plus these are our blogs. We "should" write about whatever we want.

    I also find it agonizing to pick a favorite author. I tend to refuse such demands :) Jane Austen is certainly a worthy choice however.

    I kind of agree about people who do not like to read. I would say that they puzzle me.

    1. Favorites depend so much on circumstances. Favorite childhood author? Favorite comfort read? Favorite nonfiction? But if I was stranded on a desert island and could only have books by one person I think I would pick Jane Austen.

      I just don't understand a dislike of reading. What do they do while they are eating? Or waiting for an appointment? Or feeling stressed? Or...the list goes on and on.

  5. You sound a lovely person. I'm English and I think we'd be good friends if we lived closer together!

  6. I love that! A beautifully written list, full of rhythm.
    Let me try something smaller:

    1. I love white days -- when the sky is full of clouds, and the sun and the blue do not appear.
    2. I love silence. Sometimes, in the good and in the bad moments, I even wish I could be deaf.
    3. I hate mosquitos.
    4. In the last 5 years, I had been developing a intense disconnection with movies. Last year I only saw three movies: The Revenant and Arrival (at cinema), Jane Eyre (at home).
    5. And series. I´ve watched and loved Downton Abbey. I saw 5 seasons (a record). I´m now crawling in The Crown (the 4º episode is amazing).
    6. The 4º episode of Black Mirror is amazing too ("Be Right Back"). So delicate. Have you watched it? You dont need to see the other ones to understand.
    7. I like to read online everything about the biological possibility of life on another planets. Do you know that there are bacterias in our planet that breath iron, or eat electrons (electricity)? Now imagine, million years after, a highly intelligent specie coming out of that!


    1. What a nice collection of facts about you!

      I just started watching The Crown but I stopped after the first episode because I think my husband will like it so I am waiting for a time we can watch it together. I wasn't familiar with Black Mirror but I looked it up and it sound interesting.

      Mosquitoes are awful.

  7. Thanks for all the info, it's very interesting and slightly worrying that so much of it sounds exactly like me, although I beat you on the marriage thing - I was 17 and 6 weeks but it was 9 and a half years before I had my first son, and I'd do it again, after 40 years. As well as reading I love gardening, and if that's your garden and wall - I'm jealous!

    1. I wish that was my garden and wall! It would be a dream come true. Actually, it is from a vacation in England last year.

      You did beat me on the marriage thing. Seventeen is young but it obviously worked for you!

      It is interesting that you feel we have a lot in common. We definitely like a lot of the same books.

  8. I love personal posts and getting to know you better! I am INFP. To a T. My first job was in the children's section in my local library. I was 14 but I had the job in the bag when I was like 10 because all of the librarians knew me! I'm a coffee drinker but I do love a good cup of tea. My favorite authors change constantly, but but right now I'm loving Roxane Gay, Margaret Atwood, and Neil Gaiman. My absolute worst habit is interrupting people. I absolutely hate when people do it to me and so I am really working hard to stop.

    1. I always wanted to work in a library. I think, as a child, I thought it would mean I would just be able to read all the time. I am not familiar with Roxanne Gay. One to look up! My son complains because I interrupt and finish his sentences, frequently incorrectly. I am working on it!

  9. I love these kind of posts! I too am mainly a cryer when angry, it made teaching teenagers very difficult at times because when I was extremely cross with them for being foul, I'd have to just leave the room. Nothing worse than students seeing a teacher cry...

    1. It is frustrating, isn't it? I would like to be able to be upset without crying. I had to talk to a friend about an issue recently and I rehearsed it all in my head about five million times because I knew otherwise I would end up in tears even though I was angry about the situation and not hurt.

  10. Raymond Chandler is my favorite author, and has been for many years now.

    I have dyed my hair quite a few times. In college, I did purple and blue on different occasions, but only on the ends. Since college, I've dyed my hair various shades of red at least four times. It's ordinarily brown with a few reddish tints.

    Purple, blue, and green are my favorite colors.

    I'm an ISFJ.

    Coffee over tea, but I do enjoy tea too.

    Chocolate is a necessity.

    I hate crying over real-life things. Movies and books, no problem, but crying over actual things in real life around other people embarrasses me.

    I make fantastic brownies.

    I am also frequently overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in life.

    I really don't like alcohol, either.

    Autumn is my favorite season too! I'm so productive and happy then. Closely followed by spring.

    Summer is my fallow period. I just try my best to endure it.

    I am also a good listener.

    I also love the smell of lilacs in the spring. We have a lilac bush and I adore it.

    1. Wow, it sounds like we have quite a bit in common!

      I need to read Raymond Chandler. You speak so highly of him. It is possible I read him years ago but if I am not sure then it doesn't count. What should I start with?

      I don't have a lilac bush but this might be the year I plant one.

    2. I have no idea what Chandler you should start with! When people ask what my favorite Chandler novel is, I tend to answer with whatever the last one I read is, because I love him so much for how he says things, not for his plots. The Big Sleep is his most famous, so maybe begin with that one?

      I just found out that when my parents retire next year, my dad intends to plant a whole row of lilacs at their new home. I'm very excited.