Life Update

snow out the window

All it has done is snow lately.  The kids have had three snow days in the last week.  No, they are not complaining.  Is there any better feeling in the world than being told school is canceled?  A whole day has been gifted to you to waste as you see fit.  You can roll over and go back to sleep and then wake up hours later and do absolutely nothing.  Every minute is wonderful.

During one of the snow days I taught my daughter how to make cinnamon rolls.  She did a good job and they were greatly appreciated by her father and brother. Don't they look yummy?

cinnamon rolls

It is snowing again today (Sunday) as I write this.  We have been home all day since everything has been canceled and the roads are horrible.  There is a good chance school will be at least delayed tomorrow.  I am starting to think we will never leave the house again.  So far I have enjoyed a fire in the fireplace, made pizza, read most of a book, watched the first episode of The Durrells in Corfu (I recorded it ages ago), and spent way too long looking at shoes online.  That last one is not as interesting as it sounds.  My son needs new sneakers.  We went to the store last weekend and found out his feet have grown and he now wears size 14.  No, I didn't type the wrong number.  Size 14.  Which are pretty much impossible to find in stores.  Hence the online shoe shopping.  It is amazing how little choice there is in that size and how much they cost.  I'm praying that his feet stop growing soon.  On the plus side, when the snow melts and the house floods we can use his shoes as boats.

Last week my daughter had another horseback riding lesson.  She is loving it just as much as ever.  This time she was allowed to trot.  She was very excited about that.  She has one more lesson in the package she purchased.  She has so much fun and I enjoy watching her and the others who are in the ring at the same time.  This day there were several members of the University of Connecticut equestrian team there and they were practicing dressage. It was gorgeous to watch.  I am going to end up wanting to learn to ride too!  I'll just have to live vicariously through my daughter.

girl on a horse

girl with a horse


Maybe if I read The Enchanted April and The Secret Garden and every other springish book I can think of winter will leave early.  That isn't likely though, is it?  We probably still have six more weeks of winter stretching out in front of us.  I had better stock up on baking ingredients and books.

What season is it where you live?


  1. it's winter too but no snow in my town (after all I do live by the sea) but it's cold now (around 7°C). those rolls look very delicious:)

    1. After this week I am very tired of snow. We got about 16 inches over the last few days. Today it is 15 degrees F. I am done with winter!

  2. Down here on Long Island we had about a foot of snow last Thursday and a lot of ice fall on Sunday.

    Those cinnamon rolls look so good! Food like that is a consolation for the bad weather :)

    1. We got about the same amount of snow on Thursday, a few more inches on Friday, and then even more on Sunday.

      If we are stuck home because of the snow then you can be sure I will be baking. Now, with my daughter to help me, the house is going to sink under all the baked goods!