Golden Moments


Life just stinks sometimes, doesn't it?  It is full of stress and illness and a bit of exhaustion.  We complain of bad bosses, mounds of laundry, and kids that never pick up their shoes.  We focus on the things we haven't gotten done and the things done too quickly.

We need to focus a bit more on the golden moments.

I sound like a motivational poster, don't I?

Oh well, I stand by it.  As corny as it sounds we need to look for the good to outweigh the bad.  Because the bad just intrudes and takes over sometimes.  So here is my list of golden moments from the last few days starting with the one from last night that made me think of writing this post.  Because everything is fodder for a blog post.  You have been warned.

When you wake up before your alarm and lie there dreading the sound of it going off and then you roll over and realize it is only one in the morning and you still have 5 hours of sleep in front of you.  Is there anything more wonderful in that moment?  I don't think so.

That first sip of a perfectly made cup of tea, ideally taken just after your kids walk out the door for the bus when you know you will have a few minutes of peace and quiet.

The hug you get from your teenage son when he forgets he is too old for such things.

Book mail. Self-explanatory, really.  Coming home to new books will brighten any day.  I ordered some books.  They haven't come yet but anticipating book mail is almost as good as receiving it.

Sunsets.  Autumn sunsets are gorgeous.  My daughter and I get very excited about them.

Phone calls from friends you haven't heard from in a while.

Chinese food eaten in a park in the midst of running errands.  Shrimp and chicken with vegetables.  Delicious.

Watching my husband and son watch baseball together.  I don't know why but it melts my heart every time.

Cocoa almonds.  Not quite as good as a chocolate bar but much healthier.

Switching out my summer clothes for my winter ones and finding a shirt I forgot I bought at the end of last season.  Never worn, still with tags on.  New clothes without spending any money recently. That is a happy moment right there.

Getting out my huge afghan that I use all winter. It is kind of ugly but so comfy and cosy.  Now if I can just keep the kids and the cat away from it.  They steal it when I am not looking.

Honestly, I thought the last week was pretty miserable but when I started listing things there were quite a few golden moments.  I am sure there is a life lesson in there if you care to pursue it.

What golden moments have you had lately?


  1. Oh, what a lovely idea! This has been a pretty miserable week. I have: gotten into an argument with one of my dearest friends and have so far not mended things, gotten some unwelcome gossip that made me question one of my relationships (let's leave it at that), gotten a bad spell of writer's block during a busy work day, and I have work and commitments even during the weekend.

    But it was surprisingly very easy to note down my Golden Moments:
    1. Feeling happy every time I see my sixteen new books from my USA vacation. It's been two weeks since I came back home, but the books still retain their shiny newness.
    2. Quality time with my Dad
    3. Realizing that taking a step back from relationships gives you some needed room to breathe and enjoy alone time.
    4. A dear lady who listened to all of this week's woes. Did I mention that she offered two slices of divine red velvet cake while at it?
    5. Starting another Daphne du Maurier short story collection.

    I'm sure I can go on and on :)
    It's good to remember that there are always good to go with the bad.

    1. It is so nice to get a comment from you again. I know you have been very busy but I missed hearing from you.

      It does sound like you have had a rough week. I hope the red velvet cake and the listening ear helped. Sometimes it is so easy to concentrate on the obvious bad in our lives that we miss the bits of good. Once I started listing the good I was surprised by how much there was. I can tend to be a bit negative so this was a good reminder.

      I am hoping to hear about your sixteen new books.

  2. I might rarely give comments but I do love your blog.

    Strangely like above comment, I also had an argument with dear friend, that makes me realize whatever we try to do things nicely, you just can't please anyone. I injured my wrist due to I don't know what, probably because I crochet in wrong position, skipped work because of getting ill, but now time to golden moments:

    1. Watermelon. This maybe sounds weird but I feel very much happy every time I eat watermelon.
    2. I bought an ergonomic hook for crocheting. Super happy.
    3. Started reading Manga titled Bakuman and I love it.
    4. This also sounds weird, but I play Werewolf A LOT in an app called Telegram. Chatting unimportant things with friends (and new friends), they really bright up my days.

    I should make a new post on my blog about this rather than writing on yours :D
    Hope you have a nice day.

    1. Thank you and I am glad you decided to comment this time.

      I hope you and your friend work things out. That can make life miserable. And I hope your wrist gets better. I used to crochet a little bit but it has been years since I have tried. I should pick it up again.

      Isn't it nice to try to concentrate on the positive? I'd love to read your post on the topic.

  3. lately I find it difficult to focus on the good things, but I really should:) gold moments from last week: Lindt chocolate advent calendar bought, a business trip that went well, seeing my husband and my cat after the trip:)