A Place In The Country

Greenwood farmhouse

Sometimes all you need is a place in the country.  An old farmhouse is ideal, with well-worn couches and creaky  floorboards.  It should have a front porch to drink tea on in the mornings and a well-filled woodshed for campfires at night.  It should be set in the middle of nowhere so you can pretend that you are the only people in the world.

 Ideally, it should have a reading nook and bookshelves jammed with books by Josephine Tey and Wilkie Collins and Dorothy Dunnett.

reading nook

You should be able to walk out the door onto dirt roads that seldom see a car.  You will want to happily meander down them, scuffing up dust as you go, and stopping frequently to admire the views. There will be cries of excitement as you spot the many deer roaming throughout the fields.  Eyes will be kept wide hoping, and fearing, that you will sight a bear.  Fossils will be found in the stream and wildflowers picked from the meadows.

country road

kids on country road

field with deer

A swimming pond is essential with a dock off which to jump.  You should definitely spend long hours sitting by the pond listening to the silence.  You will realize that it is not really silent.  Your ears will adjust to the sound of the breeze through the grasses, the birds in the meadow, and the endless murmur of bees and crickets.  There will also be the constant chatter of a child observing pond life but that is soothing in its own way.


The days will stretch on endlessly with no clear beginning or end.  Life will slow down and only be punctuated by the meals you eat and the books you finish.  Stresses will fade away and be lost into the reality you will eventually have to return to.  But not yet.  Definitely not yet.  Because for now there is still nature to appreciate, walks to take, books to read, and sunsets to admire.


For now, all you need is a place in the country.


  1. Replies
    1. In New York not too far from the Pennsylvania line. The farmhouse is on 70 acres. There is no one else anywhere around. It really is an idyll.

  2. Replies
    1. I wish we had it for more than one week out of the year. We are home now and I am already dreaming of going back. It is so relaxing.

  3. Beautiful photographs and a dream of a house. It must be difficult having to leave it when the holiday is over.

    1. It is idyllic. My daughter would happily live there forever. We weren't able to go this past summer and we missed it terribly.