Memories Are Made Of This

a walk in the woods

The smell of molasses cookies fresh out of the oven.

The words you say over and over.  "Shut the door.  Have you done your homework? It's time for bed."

The feel of Lego bricks and Matchbox cars under your feet.  If there is one left on the floor your feet are guaranteed to find it in the dark and when you yell in pain you will wake the baby.

The words of the board book you read over and over, so often you can still recite it now years later.

The pudgy hands starfished against your leg and the toothy grin you see when you bend down.

The smell of crayons and Play-doh and sunscreen.  Always the sunscreen.

The hours spent listening to conversations about video games and Pokemon and which stuffed animal is the cutest. Definitely the bunny, it's always the bunny.

The realization that you used to kiss those size thirteen feet back when they were little and cute and...not stinky.

The tricycle, the training wheels, and then the wavering progress down the road, precariously balanced, just as you think you will be running behind that bike for the rest of your life.

The first day of school, complete with tears, (yours, not theirs) and then the slow realization that this peace and quiet thing is kind of nice.

The first time your child cries "but we always do it that way" and you realize you have family traditions.

The three vacations in a row where a child threw up in the hotel room.

 The surgeries.

 The child who wandered away in the mall and was missing long enough to cause major panic.

The smell of baby powder and baby shampoo.

"Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"

The first time they won't hold your hand to cross the street.

The knock-knock jokes that are told over and over.  Heaven forbid you don't laugh every single time.

The vacations in upstate New York with campfires, hikes on dirt roads, and long days by the pond.

The first time you realize you are having a real adult conversation with your child.  One that isn't about Pokemon or stuffed animals.  They are growing up.

The times you realize you sound just like your own parents.  Did those words really just come out of your mouth?

The good and the bad.  The funny and the sad.  The cute and the annoying. The big, important things and the everyday activities.  The things that make you a family.

Memories are made of this.


  1. Sigh, this is such a lovely post. I wish I had something more profound to say, but sometimes the most beautiful things are the simplest.

    1. Thank you. The posts that have anything to do with being a parent are frequently the least read on my blog but sometimes I just feel like writing them.