In Which We Try Again

Persephone Books--Family Roundabout

If you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that a few months ago the kids spent the weekend at my parent's.  It was our anniversary and some time to ourselves sounded nice.  You also might remember that as we were leaving to drop off the kids my husband fell down the stairs and badly sprained both his ankles which, needless to say, put a bit of a damper on the weekend.  My parents thought that we deserved another attempt at a romantic weekend and we made plans for the kids to go there this past weekend.

Did things go any better this time?  I'll let you be the judge.  First of all, I had been sick all week with a nasty cold.  Not just a normal cold where I could carry on anyway but one of those colds where I couldn't  breathe through my nose at all so eating was difficult, my nose was red and peeling from blowing it so much, and I was constantly coughing from the tickle in my throat.  All of which left me looking so attractive, a bit like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer to be honest.   But we carried on because this was the weekend that worked for everyone and if we didn't do it now we wouldn't do it at all.  Besides, I was convinced I would wake up Saturday feeling slightly better.  I was right, my cold was down to normal cold proportions.  However, my husband woke up with the beginnings of the cold.  Of course.

And we had to go to a funeral on Saturday.

By Sunday my husband was at the unable to breathe, blowing his nose constantly stage.  I was feeling a bit better and feeling sorry for myself because the weekend was a bit of a disaster.  Then he got called out for work.  It was 6 degrees F, he works outside and he was sick.  So I felt sorry for him. There he was, at work on a Sunday in the freezing cold and there I was, at home eating dinner by myself.

So the lesson I learned from this weekend is that my husband and I do not do romantic weekends.  We do weekends were everything goes wrong.  It is probably best that we never plan a romantic weekend again.  I hate to think what would happen next time.

At least the kids had a good time at my parents.  And we did enjoy the peace and quiet.  Speaking of which, I did notice some things about having kids gone.  My house stays clean for so long.  I wipe down the kitchen and I go back an hour later and there are still no dishes in the sink.  There are not any boat sized shoes by the front door.  There is so much silence.  We can have an entire conversation.  Amazing.  But at the same time, there is no one to take out the garbage, feed the pets, empty the dishwasher, or entertain us with their nonsense.

I did get quite a bit of reading done.  Most of it was books that weren't too special, fun to read but nothing I felt any great compulsion to write about. However, last night I started Family Roundabout by Richmal Crompton.  I have been saving it for when I really needed something special to read and so far it has been living up to my expectations.

Please tell me we are not the only couple who has a black cloud that follows them around and rains on their attempts at romantic weekends.


  1. We were married for almost 5 years before we had kids, but since then, we've never tried a romantic weekend. We do watch a movie together every Friday night after the kids are in bed, just the two of us. We go out for supper once a month, us plus the kids. And for our 10th anniversary, we did leave the 2 older kids with my parents for one night and went back to the hotel where we honeymooned, but we took our 6-month-old along with us. So I have no idea if a romantic weekend alone together would be a disaster or not!

    1. When the kids were younger we didn't worry so much about romantic weekends. The kids went to bed, we put in a movie or chatted and spent time together. However, now we have a teenager who never wants to go to bed and romantic weekends are the only way we can ever have a real conversation!