Pick yourself up, dust yourself off...

In my husband's case, this was literally necessary.

 I mentioned last week that the kids were going to my parents for the weekend.  We were going to have the whole weekend to ourselves.  Just imagine, eat what we want, talk about what we want, do what we want, for a whole 48 hours.  This doesn't happen very often so we had really built it up into a big thing in our heads.

So, let's set the scene.  The kids are all packed, I am upstairs almost dressed for our dinner out after we drop the kids off.  We are supposed to leave in five minutes.  My husband walks down the stairs to the family room to make sure my son has his computer.  Except he didn't really walk down the stairs.  He fell down them instead and sprained both his ankles.  Badly sprained his ankles, they instantly swelled up to twice their normal size and started turning black and blue.  He is yelling, my daughter comes running upstairs screaming at me that there is something wrong with Dad and I am frantically trying to get my inside-out shirt back on so I can go down and figure out what is going on. Almost the first thing my husband said to me was "we just can't win, can we?"  The poor guy.

So, no dinner out, no trip to the book store, no hike. (Yes, those are our ideas of fun. We are not "going out" people.)  Just a husband who was unable to get off the couch for the entire weekend.

Not quite the romantic weekend we had envisioned.

Such is life.

It wasn't all bad though.  I dropped the kids off, picked up Chinese food and the makings for ice cream sundaes and we spent the weekend eating, watching movies, and having fires in the fireplace.  And my husband made a valiant effort to pretend he wasn't in pain.  But he was.  He is slowly getting better though he has some pretty spectacular bruises.

I did get a bit of reading done.  I read a mystery I got off the free book rack at the library. I can't remember the title right now and it is already in the attic in the donate box. It was populated with thoroughly unlikable characters.  I mean what are the odds of every single main character cheating on their spouse?  Annoying.  Besides, there really wasn't much mystery to it.  I started reading one of the books about WWII that I bought recently.  That I am finding very interesting.  I also read about half of some chick-lit type thing but then abandoned it because I just didn't care if I ever saw it again.  I debated starting one of the unread Persephone books I have on the shelf but I couldn't quite bring myself to do it.  Does anyone else hoard books they think they might really enjoy, waiting for just the right time to read them?

I didn't do the Classics Club spin but I did think that I would just check what the 19th book on my list was.  I didn't feel motivated to make a separate list since mine is new and mostly unread.  Anyway, it is Middlemarch.  That is the book I have been feeling moved to start next anyway but I am a little unsure.  I read it at a much older friend's suggestion when I was a very early teen and I struggled with it.  I am not sure why, I enjoyed other classics at the time, but Middlemarch just didn't work for me.  I am hoping I was just too young for it and reading it now will be a different experience.  We will see how it goes.


  1. I am so sorry about your husband's fall. I hope he gets fully well very quickly. Watching movies in front of the fire was a lovely way of spending his recuperation time.

    I definitely hoard books that I think I'll like, but I mostly do that through the library. I'll browse the shelves and the new-release tables, generally scarfing up a half dozen or so titles each week. Most of them, I never end up reading. I return them a few weeks later, unread. Call it menopause, empty nest syndrome, whatever...I just can't get interested enough in the story to continue reading. To combat this problem, I've begun revisiting old faves---Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maude Montgomery.

    It will be interesting to see if Middlemarch works for you at this stage of your life. One classic which I hated in high school was The Great Gatsby, but upon reading it again about 10 years ago, I loved it. My tastes had changed, and I had gotten very interested in the 1920's, so I devoured the book. It, too, is one I intend to re-visit in the coming months.

    Thanks for popping by my classic film blog and leaving me a comment.

    Have a great day,

    1. I love all your old favorites! I will have to see how Middlemarch goes. I know my reading taste has changed as I have gotten older. I still like the old favorites but I have more appreciation for some of the more character driven books. I think I used to read for the story and now I read more for character development.

      I really liked your blog. It has inspired me to start rewatching some of the old movies I used to enjoy. And to try some new ones!

  2. I just read Middlemarch over the past year or so for the first time and REALLY dug it. As a teen, I would have hated it.

    1. I am glad to hear you enjoyed Middlemarch. It gives me hope for when I reread it!