Little Adventures and Interesting Things

a walk in the woods

It was 65 degrees.  At the end of December.  On the east coast of the United States.  That is just crazy.  But it does mean that we were able to go for a walk and we didn't even need jackets.  Actually, the kids and I went for a walk,  my husband went for a motorcycle ride since his ankles are still not fully recovered after spraining them a few weeks ago.  But who would think he would be getting his motorcycle out of the garage at the end of December?  He was a very happy man.

I drove my kids slightly crazy by continually stopping to take pictures, though my daughter ended up not minding too much because we found lots of interesting things to look at.  She told me that life is an adventure and lots of things are interesting and we need to point them out or people might miss them.  That is not a bad life philosophy.

ferns and foliage

woodlands and moss

A lot of things are still green.  I think the plants are a bit confused.  That's okay, we are too. We saw some gorgeous fungi.  (There is a sentence I never thought I would write.)  They really were gorgeous though.

fungi in the woods

fungi in the woods

fungi in the woods

We also saw this cool sign lying on the ground.  The Indian Chair is a natural stone formation. There is also a Table Rock at the same site.  We didn't have time to walk all the way there but my daughter is determined that we do so next time.

Indian Chair--woodland walk

It was an enjoyable walk.  We were surrounded by that indescribable smell you only get in the woods, there was the sound of running water from the stream nearby, and my children only bickered occasionally.  I think that makes for a successful afternoon.

I hope she never stops thinking that life is full of adventure and interesting things.

a girl in the woods


  1. It sounds like a lovely day! I was glad the holidays gave me a chance to get out to walk in the daylight. I was just in the little park next door, which has a walking path - but I still came across the park bunnies, and the squirrels were entertaining.

    1. My daughter would be thrilled with a park next door that had bunnies! I hope the recent storms haven't affected you too much.