A Few Burning Questions About Life

autumn leaves

  • If I plan meals for the week and make a grocery list why do I then always leave the list on the coffee table when I go to the grocery store?  
  • Why is the child who can't hear you ask for the five hundredth time for chores to be done perfectly able to hear you whisper the question "Should we order pizza?" from three rooms away?
  • Why do my children need to talk to me as soon as soon as I make a phone call?  They are never so eager for conversation at other times.
  • Why did no one tell me that it was possible for a night owl to give birth to a morning person?   
  • Why do clothing stores never sell complete outfits?  If you find a skirt you like there is never a top to match.  And if you buy it without the matching top it will then become a task akin to the labors of Hercules to find one.  
  • How come once you hit my age stores think women want to dress like old ladies?  I may be "mature" but I am not ready for "mature fashion."
  • How come the only other clothes in stores have been designed for 13-year-old bodies? Don't clothing stores realize there is a whole vast market of females in between those age groups who would love to purchase clothes?
  • Is rolling of the eyes an art form taught to all teenagers?
  • Is exercise really worth it?
  • Why was homework ever invented because, frankly, it seems pretty pointless to me.  And what kind of teacher gives it over school vacations?  That is just miserable for everybody.
  • Why is the online world fascinated by introverts (just go on Pinterest and look at all the quotes) but the real world still thinks you should come out of your shell?  I like my shell, it is peaceful.
  • Is anyone else shocked by how much they have forgotten?  Just try to help your child with math homework and you will know what I mean, or is it just me?
  • To go along with that, why have they changed the way they teach math?  I have no idea what my daughter is talking about and she thinks I don't know how to do long division.  I do, just not the new way.  Isn't math hard enough without changing it?
  • Can you ever buy too many books?
  • Has anyone ever seen the bottom of a hamper?  That would mean all your laundry is done and I don't believe in fairy tales. 
  • Where do teenage boys put all the food they eat?  Even hollow legs can't account for eating an entire week's grocery shopping in 36 hours.

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