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Blue skies and colorful leaves make me happy.  It is a pity autumn is so short.  I love the cool, crisp days, the smell of the leaves, the sound they make as they crunch underfoot, and the fact that a cup of tea always sounds like a good idea.  Of course, a cup of tea sounds good to me even when it is 95 out but it definitely more comfortable to drink it in the fall!

Unfortunately, this weekend was gloomy and occasionally rainy plus my husband had a nasty cold so we didn't go for the hike I wanted to take, but it was still pleasant.  I made cream of potato soup, buffalo chicken pizza, and cheese pizza.  My son has been told by the doctor that he has to gain at least 10 pounds and he will always eat pizza so I make it a lot.  I also fed him an ice cream sundae.  I need to remember that he is the one that needs to gain weight, not me.  Let's just forget that I ate an ice cream sundae too....

We have a free one month trial of Amazon Prime.  I think I like it. The free two-day shipping is nice, but what I am really enjoying are the movies. Last night I started watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice again.  I haven't seen it in a long time and Netflix doesn't have it so I was thrilled when I found it on Amazon.  It is definitely my favorite version of Pride and Prejudice.  So many movies based on books just annoy me because they change the story too much but this one is very similar to the Pride and Prejudice in my head.  And I can swoon over Mr. Darcy.

I really haven't read anything amazingly good lately.  I have been in the mood to read fluff.  You know, the books you read just so you can race through and enjoy the story.  I frequently want character driven books where you read them slowly and enjoy the language and development but sometimes I just want the literary equivalent of chips and candy...and ice cream sundaes.  This was a junk food weekend literally and book-wise.

I have been thinking of getting one of those fitness tracker thingies.  (I am sure you can see the segue from junk food to fitness bands.)  I am just not sure how useful it really is.  Will it be interesting for a week or so and then I forget about it or will it be a good motivator to walk more?  Does anyone have one and what do you think?  I feel better and have fewer migraines when I exercise a lot.  I got out of the habit over the summer because it was just so hot and I hate gyms.  I am not enough of a people person and I prefer to sweat in solitary loneliness.  So now I just need to motivate myself to start exercising again.  Don't worry, this is not suddenly going to become a fitness blog, I just thought maybe if I announced my need to exercise to the whole internet I would be shamed into doing it.

On reading this over it does seem to be a post without a purpose.  I am sorry about that...kind of.  I occasionally worry that the people who read this for the book blog things are going to be annoyed with posts like this but then I think that this blog is supposed to be a reflection of me, or at least that is what I thought when I started it, and I am not completely books.  Almost completely, but not quite.  Is it bad that I am already thinking about what a great library my son's room will make when he moves out?  Remember, he is only 15.  The poor child.  Though in my defense, he thinks he is going to move out as soon as he turns 18.  I think we both have a rude awakening coming.  He is going to have to wait to move out and I am going to have to wait for my library.  He does say he is going to come home for his favorite foods and I say I am going to stalk him and drag him home if he doesn't visit so I think we have our priorities straight.

So, how was your weekend?  Full of junk food and junk books like mine?

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