The Time We Found a Snake in the Family Room

My husband walked into the kitchen yesterday and said: "look who I found downstairs."  I turned around and he was holding a snake.

I'll stop for a moment and let that sink in.

He was holding a snake.  In the house. And no, we don't have a pet snake.  I hope you are as horrified as I was.

 At first, I thought it was one of my daughter's toys but then I realized its tail was waving around in the air.  Now, before you are too amazed by this story I have to admit that it was just a little garter snake but still, a snake is a snake and it does not belong in my house.  I have spent the last twenty-four hours thinking I see things moving out of the corner of my eye.  It is a good thing my husband was home and caught the snake.  If it was just me I might have had to resort to burning the house down as the only feasible means of ridding the house of a snake because there is no way on earth I would ever touch it.

My kids, on the other hand, wanted to keep it.

On a more pleasant note, I stopped in at the library last week and found a whole bunch of books on their free book rack.

book stack

The top three are familiar to me but the rest I just grabbed because they were older looking books and who knows, there might be a gem among them.  I think I will start with The Lady and the Deep Blue Sea.  Somehow the title leads me to expect something so bad it is good.

After I went to the library I went for a walk by the river that is across the road.  It is a good walk to do by myself because there is a road right by it so I feel safe and if I keep looking towards the river I can pretend I am in the country.  The country that is filled with the sound of traffic, but the country still.

river and trees

It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.  I loved the way the light was dancing off the water.  Most of the leaves haven't changed yet but there was just enough color to make it look like fall.

I just looked up The Lady and the Deep Blue Sea.  I think it might live up to my expectations.  It has two reviews on Goodreads, both of them five stars.  The story involves clipper ships, a race, and a red-haired captain's wife. Here is a quote from the description on Goodreads.  "Yet not even Jenny knew just how supreme a challenge the race was to be for also aboard was George Cartwright, owner of the Indian Commercial Line, keeping an eye on his ship, his captain -- and his captain's wife."  If you can resist a description like that you are a stronger person than I am.  Oh, the potential for drama!


  1. What a beautiful river! I'd love to walk and daydream along it. Lucinda

    1. It is very pretty but it runs right along a busy road so it is a little noisy there. I haven't been on that walk in a while. Maybe once it warms up. We have snow right now and all the paths are covered.