More About Me

Because, let's face it, I blog because I want a place to talk about me.  Well, I am kind of joking but not really. This is my place to be me, to write my thoughts, and to ramble on aimlessly when I feel like it, but a little more information about me might be nice.  I think all you know about me so far is that I love books, I have a husband and children, and I am going to London in April.  (Hurray!  I will mention that at every opportunity. Sorry.) That doesn't really tell you much though, does it?  So here are the first few facts about me that pop into my head.

I am an introvert and shy.  No, those are not the same things.  And yes, I knew I was an introvert before the internet made it popular.  The whole introvert thing is a blog post in and of itself.  I have a lot of thoughts meandering through my head about the subject.  I'll save them for later.  The shy thing is probably why I have a blog.  I just find it easier to write than talk unless I know you well. I came across a quote I like in The Ginger Griffin.  The heroine was described as being "caught, as usual, between the flood of her ideas and the lack of words in which to clothe them."  If I know you I talk too much but strangers think I am quiet.  My husband can't understand how they could ever think that.  Poor man. Apparently the flood of ideas and the words in which to clothe them come together when I am around him.

I grew up in Connecticut, moved to Illinois when I got married and then moved back to Connecticut about eight years later.  Illinois was fine, we lived outside Chicago, but it is just so flat and treeless.  I felt exposed all the time.  The east coast is so cozy and hilly and full of trees.  My husband says it can be claustrophobic.  He likes wide-open spaces.  Funny how we are affected by where we are raised.

Old Furnace state park

I like to bake. I especially like to bake if I am stressed.  If my family comes home and finds the kitchen counters covered with various baked goods they know to watch out. That is a sure sign I am having a bad day. Oh, I also express my affection through baked goods.  If you have never received cookies from me then maybe I really am not too fond of you.

To go along with that, I am gluten intolerant.  I know it is faddish now but my doctor suggested giving up gluten in an attempt to control horrible migraines.  It helped though it isn't a cure.  So I bake but can't eat it.  Life isn't fair.

When I was a child I wanted to be a travel writer.  I couldn't believe people were paid to travel the world and then write about it.  It still sounds like a dream job to me.

I met my husband in Germany.  We were both on vacation. We got married a year after we met.

I am the most uncoordinated person I know.  Organized sports are a nightmare, I can't dance to save my life, and exercise videos are a...challenge.

Cheesecake is my favorite dessert. I also like to bake cheesecake.  I rarely give that away.  If you are given cheesecake by me you must be one of my favorite people in the world.

I have always wanted to live in Europe.  I think I need to be a travel writer based in Europe.  Could life get any better?  And then I could learn another language which would be fantastic.

I must be boring because I have had trouble coming up with these facts.  Or else I just over-analyze.  I kept thinking "Do you really want to tell everyone that?"  Though really, I should spill all my secrets now when there aren't too many of you reading.


  1. It's lovely getting to know people through their blogs, though I have to resist the temptation to deduce too much from what someone reads :)

    Do you take applications for the baked goods list? I love to bake as well - though I find cooking much less interesting. It has been too hot again this summer to bake much here in Texas, even with air conditioning. I'm looking forward to fall when I can stand to have the oven on again.

    I do miss hills and mountains. I lived in Massachusetts for two years, close to the Connecticut border - and I grew up in Washington State. This part of Texas is so flat!

    Oh, and I am envious of your London trip!

    1. I agree about the temptation to use someone's reading habits as a means of deduction. I always check bookshelves when I am at a house for the first time. I suppose it is kind of like checking for compatibility.

      I think Connecticut is too hot in the summer. I don't know what I would do in Texas!

  2. I'm also introverted and shy :-) I love to write because yeah, putting the words in my brain into words coming out of my mouth is often tricky. Unless I know you well, then you can't shut me up. So a lot of your post sounds familiar!

    Connecticut, huh? I have to agree with your husband -- I was born and raised in the midwest and North Carolina, and when we lived in Connecticut for 3 years, I would get to where I felt trapped. Partly because we had a very small apartment and a very active little boy, but much of it because there were people and buildings and spindly trees everywhere. When I would go visit my parents in NC, I could feel myself relaxing and expanding and my consciousness sort of spreading out. Happily, I survived those 3 years, and now we live in VA and I can breathe more easily. But I can see how the opposite would be true if you were used to being there -- that the open spaces would make one feel exposed and vulnerable.

    I'm sorry you're gluten intolerant :-( My best friend is not gluten intolerant, but allergic to wheat -- it gives her headaches and makes her lethargic. So she basically has to live gluten-free too, and really misses bread and baked goods. I'm very sad for her, and now for you too.

    And finally, I'm also envious of your trips to London AND Germany! I would love to go both places.

    1. Being introverted and shy is interesting. People assume you have nothing to say when actually your head is a whirling mass of thoughts. The thoughts just don't emerge too easily.

      My husband definitely misses the midwest. We have an agreement that after the kids are grown we can move somewhere else. It is just hard to uproot kids if it isn't necessary. Plus they have family around them here. It is strange, we lived outside Chicago for long enough that it feels like home also. We are constantly pulled between two places, never mind all the places I would like to try living in. I think I just have itchy feet.

    2. Yeah, moving is a pain no matter when you do it, but with kids it's especially hard. I'm really thankful that we're now at a place where we could conceivably live for the next 30 years, not hopping around every 3-4 years. I like putting down roots and getting comfortable, and I can fully do that at last.

  3. I'm extroverted, talkative and loud! Would hate to be a travel writer - all that gumf you must write. If I hadn't met my husband before I did the typical backpacking around Europe for a year or so, I would have stayed in Europe. or the UK. lucinda

    1. I am introverted, talkative if I know you, and quiet. I would love to live in the U.K. but it isn't exactly easy to move there from the U.S.