Books I Bought

I mentioned recently that I went on a bit of a book buying spree.  I ordered them online and they have slowly been trickling in.  It makes getting the mail much more exciting.  I miss the days of real letters, when you never knew what was going to be in your mailbox and sometimes it was something nice, not just bills.  Ordering books recreates that feeling.  Maybe I should find a pen pal, it would be cheaper.  But then I wouldn't have the books.  You can't have everything.  On that insightful thought let's see what I got.

book stack

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis.  I mentioned this book in a recent post. It had just come in the mail which is what made me think of it.  It is such a fun read.  Time travel always gets me.

Wartime Women A Mass-Observation Anthology 1937-45. Edited by Dorothy Sheridan. I have mentioned before that I am very interested in Britain during WWII.  I have been fascinated by the other Mass-Observation diaries I have read.

Ancestral Voices by James Lees-Milne.  His diaries of the war years.  Of Course.  He was involved with the National Trust.  Apparently, it has a lot about country houses.  I read a review of it somewhere and have been keeping my eye out for it ever since. It was described as one of the great diaries, comparable to Pepys. I think his diaries are in multiple volumes but this is what I found first.

The Country of the Pointed Firs and Other Stories by Sarah Orne Jewett.  A collection of stories about life in a seaport on the Maine coast as told through the eyes of a summer visitor.  The preface is by Willa Cather which leads me to expect good things.

The Makioka Sisters by Junchiro Tanizaki.  This was recommended by areaderofliterature. I said I wanted to learn more about Japanese or Indonesian literature.  She gave me some suggestions and this is what I am starting with.  She compared it to Jane Austen.  I am sold right there.

The Land of Green Ginger by Winifred Holtby.  I really enjoyed South Riding when I read it a few years ago.  I thought I would try another of her novels.  Besides, I put this on my Classics Club list so I am going to need a copy eventually.

To the North by Elizabeth Bowen.  I really enjoy her writing and I haven't read this one yet.

Keep Smiling Through. The Home Front 1939-45 by Susan Briggs.  Self-explanatory at this point.  It's England during the war, I am going to read it.

The Children's War by Juliet Gardiner.  Another book about WWII but from the perspective of the children.

On looking over this list I think it is possible that my interest in Britain during the war years is getting a little out of hand.  I think I have one more book coming.  Oh, and I just realized one got left out of the picture because I am reading it.  It is The Green and the Gray by Timothy Zahn.  It is science fiction.  My son loves Timothy Zahn's Star Wars books and I read this years ago.  I thought he might like it but he is going to have to wait for me to read it first.

Have you read any of these?

Here is one more picture from my walk today, just because it makes me happy.  I love fall. It is possible I have mentioned that before.

Blue skies, crisp leaves to stomp on, gorgeous color, and new books.  What more can you ask for out of life?


  1. That's a lovely stack of books :) I went on a bit of binge myself, last week. And it does make coming home to check the mail more exciting.

    Connie Willis seems equally fascinated with World War II. I love To Say Nothing of the Dog - well, pretty much all of her books. Have you read Blackout and All Clear yet?

    I agree about the Austen-esque quality of The Makioka Sisters!

    1. Oh, what did you buy?

      I have read Blackout and All Clear. Twice, because then I had to go back and piece it all together. I just listened to Bellwether. I hadn't read it in years. I think Connie Willis has a volume of short stories I have never been able to get hold of. Maybe I should add that to my next book order!

  2. Hooray! The Makioka Sisters has arrived!

    The rest of the books you bought are unfamiliar to me. I like the sound of The Country of the Pointed Firs and Other Stories by Sarah Orne Jewett. Off to research more about it!

    1. That is what I love about book blogs. There are so many books I would never come across if it wasn't for someone writing about them in a blog post.

  3. Jennifer, May I suggest something?
    I want to read all your blog, but when 1/10 of the post appears and I have to click on "Read More", it does not seem the best way to access your writings. I like to overfly the texts that does not attract me, because perhaps I´ll discover a sentence that says a lot to me. But if you show only the beggining and "Read More", I tend to not click (and get more windows open, or to lost the years/months menu).
    But if you like this way, please keep it:)
    (and please forgive my bad english, I´m from Brazil!)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for all your very nice comments. I will respond to all of them as soon as I can. I just wanted to say that you inspired me to do something I have been putting off and to go through my archives and remove the "read more" notification. I basically stopped using it over the summer but was too lazy to do anything about the old posts. Thank you for your input. I might have missed a post or two but hopefully you will find it easier to read now.

      And your English is just fine!