The Classics Club

In my wanders around the internet, I came across The Classics Club.  I was enthralled.  When you join you agree to read a certain number of classic books in a certain number of years.  The books are chosen by you and the time period is chosen by you. Fifty books in five years seems to be the typical challenge. You agree to post a review on your blog after every book you read.  This is just the kind of challenge I like. So without further ado, here is my list of 50 books to be read in the next five years.  It might change as time goes on.  That is the beauty of this challenge, nothing is written in stone. But here is what I am starting with. Some I have read before but the majority are new to me.

Austen, Jane, Emma
Austen, Jane, Mansfield Park--Finished 4/30/16 review
Austen, Jane, Northanger Abbey
Austen, Jane, Persuasion
Austen, Jane, Pride and Prejudice
Austen, Jane, Sense and Sensibility
Bowen, Elizabeth, A View of the Harbour
Bowen, Elizabeth, The Heat of the Day
Bronte, Anne, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall--Finished 9/26/2018 review
Buchan, John, The Thirty-nine Steps--Finished 6/01/17 review
Cather, Willa, The Song of the Lark
Collins, Wilkie, Armadale
Crompton, Richmal, Family Roundabout--Finished 2/22/16 review
Dickens, Charles, Bleak House--Finished 1/2/16 review
Dickens, Charles, The Pickwick Papers
Eden, Emily, The Semi-attached Couple
Eden, Emily, The Semi-detached House
Elliott, George, Middlemarch
Falkner, John Meade, Moonfleet--Finished 7/28/2018 review
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, The Home-Maker--Finished 8/12/2017 review
Forster, E.M., A Passage to India
Gaskell, Elizabeth, North and South
Gaskell, Elizabeth, Ruth
Hardy, Thomas, Far From the Madding Crowd
Hilton, James, Goodbye, Mr Chips-- Finished 10/12/15 review
Hocking, Mary, Letters to Constance--brief review here. ( I forgot it was a Classics Club book.)
Holtby, Winifred, The Land of Green Ginger
Keane, Molly, Full House
Lewis, Sinclair, Main Street
Llewellyn, Richard, How Green was my Valley
W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage
Pym, Barbara, Less than Angels
Rathbone, Irene, We That Were Young
Spark, Muriel, The Hothouse by the East River
Stevenson, Robert Louis, The Black Arrow
Streatfeild, Noel, Saplings
Steinbeck, John, East of Eden--Finished 11/16/16 review
Thackeray, William Makepiece, Vanity Fair-- Finished 9/10/15 review
Tolstoy, Leo, Anna Karenina
Trollope, Anthony, The Three Clerks
Trollope, Anthony, The Way We Live Now
Tutton, Diana, Guard Your Daughters Finished 3/25/2018 review
Undsett, Sigrid, The Wreath
Undsett, Sigrid, The Wife
Undestt, Sigrid, The Cross
West, Rebecca, The Judge
West, Rebecca, The Fountain Overflows
Wharton, Edith, The Age of Innocence
Whipple, Dorothy, Because of the Lockwoods
Woolf, Virginia, A Room of One's Own


  1. Welcome to the club! I read Vanity Fair for my challenge as well and was surprised by how much it reminded me of Gone with the Wind.

  2. This is a really great list. For some reason, that Saplings title really draws my eyes. Have fun. :)

    1. I have only read her children's books so I am really curious about how she writes for adults.

  3. Hello, I got to your blog from your comment on bookssnob's newest post. If you are still looking for London bookshops, just stay around Charing Cross Road. Foyles' flagship store is there. It has recently moved a little further afield from their iconic address but I love their cleaner, more minimalist aesthetic. A lot of famous secondhand bookshops are there too: Any Amount of Books, Quinto Bookshop, and Henry Pordes Books.

    I'm sure you already know about Persephone since you have Dorothy Whipple on this list...

    Anyway, thanks for introducing me to The Classics Club. I would really, really love to join. All of the Austens on my to be read list are on yours too. Perhaps we could buddy read after we get to know each other better?

    1. Thanks for the bookshop recommendations. I appreciate it. I have been to Persephone before but I am definitely going back.

      The Classics Club is fantastic, isn't it? It is nice to come across other people who enjoy the same types of books. A buddy read sounds interesting. I put Jane Austen on my list as an excuse to read her all over again. She is a favorite of mine.

      I am off to check out your blog now!

  4. I've tried replying several times but somehow blogspot is making it difficult.

    My classics club list is finally put together. Post should be up soon!

    I've never had a buddy read before either. I just need an extra push to read the poor Austens that are gathering dust on my shelves (Mansfield Park, Emma, and Northanger Abbey). I don't know why I haven't gotten to them yet when I love Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion to bits.

  5. I know it's a bit late, but welcome to the Classics Club! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you think of "The Good Earth" and your re-reads of the Austen books. "Middlemarch" is on my list, too -- I'm supposed to be reading it right now, actually....

    1. I keep telling myself that I will read Middlemarch next but somehow it hasn't happened yet. I pick it up and put it down. I'll have to see what you have to say about it when you are done with it. Maybe that will inspire me to read it.

    2. I can't wait to read Middlemarch! It's on my list too! (Well, I can wait obviously, as I am waiting. But at any rate, that's the title I'm most excited to read on my list.) :)

  6. Following the Classics Club now - thanks! Lucinda

    1. I have been neglecting my Classics Club list for a long time. I really should get back to it.