Little Things #3


This was the view out my kitchen window the other evening.  Isn't it gorgeous? It is hard to let life get you down when you have that in front of you.  The photo is angled so you can't see the house right behind mine.  We will pretend it is all just open fields behind me.

We went apple picking today.  My daughter was thrilled.  She is still young enough that she is easy to please.  My son came along and pretended he didn't belong with us but I think he kind of liked it.  With a teenager that is all I ask for.  I remember going places with my parents and pretending I wasn't related to them.  As if people believed the 14-year-old was totally grown up and independent.

apple orchard

Apparently, it has been a bumper crop this year.  The trees were just loaded with apples.  I would reach up and pull one off and three more would just tumble down on their own.

apple tree

I love the fermenty (not a word, I know) smell in an orchard.  It just smells like fall.  It isn't really looking much like fall yet.  We had an unusually warm September and that is harming the fall foliage.  We might not get great color this year.

Here is one more picture of my daughter in the orchard just because her happiness makes me happy.

girl at orchard

I know it is a bit of a cliche, but I really love this time of year.  Summer is nice but I am not a hot weather person.  The heat and humidity just make me melt into a puddle, so when the cool crisp days come around I feel like I have so much more energy.  Besides, I like to cook and it is much more pleasant if your kitchen isn't an oven all by itself.  Today I made a big pot of chili, oatmeal cookies, and two loaves of bread.  The smell of freshly baked bread is right up there in my top five aromas.  Does anyone else have a list like that?  Mine would probably be freshly baked bread, the smell of the ocean, that freshly bathed baby smell, lilacs in the spring, and the autumn smell of crisp air and fallen leaves.

Now I am off to read the first sentence of about 20 books before I decide on one to read.  That is the only way I seem able to pick a book.  I keep reading first sentences until one pulls me in and I keep reading.  Maybe not the most sensible way to choose a book but it is what I have done ever since I was a little girl.  How do you decide what to read next?


  1. I love fall too! Sandwiched as it is between my least-favorite season (summer, ugh) and favorite (winter, yum!), it's filled with such relief and anticipation for me :-) It's also a very productive time for me, creatively -- I write and craft and read much more in fall and spring than in winter and summer.

    I found your blog via your into on the Classics Club site and have been enjoying it! I have a little free time this afternoon, so you might get a couple more comments from me.

    1. Summer and winter compete for the position of my least favorite season. I don't like extremes in temperature. My daughter loves winter though.