Little Things #2

Sometimes it really does not take much to brighten my day.  Here are a few things that have made me happy lately.

We went to the bookstore.  I do enjoy a good wander through a bookstore and thankfully the rest of my family does as well.  I only bought two things.

The first was this book.  Has anyone read it?  It sounds like just the type of thing I like.  I am fascinated by social history.  I love reading about how people lived and what their everyday lives were like.  At first I was afraid it was just a fluff book capitalizing on the Downton Abbey craze but it doesn't seem to be.  It appears to be well researched and interesting.

The other thing I bought was this:

Seriously, how could anyone resist this?  I loved Nancy Drew.  My best friend and I used to buy the books and trade them back and forth.  That picture on the bag is just fantastic.  Don't you want to go solve a mystery while wearing a dress and with perfectly done hair?  Well, maybe not.   I am sure she drove there in her blue convertible.  And Ned Nickerson is waiting nearby to save the day.  But Nancy doesn't need him.  She does it all on her own without ever getting a smudge on her dress or a hair out of place.

I stopped at a little state park on the way home.  It was almost empty.  The kids are back in school so the swimming pond was deserted.  The only people I saw were some grandparents taking their grandchildren for a walk. I don't think they were going to get very far.  The little girl just wanted to run back and forth across a little bridge.  The park was so peaceful.  It is a good place to clear your head. I usually like sitting by the brook and listening to the sound of the water.  However, we have had so little rain that the brook has almost completely dried up.

Well, I think there is one clear lesson to be learned here.  If I am going to take this blogging malarkey (there is a word I have always wanted to work into a sentence) seriously I am going to have to learn to be a photographer.  In the meantime, you get some not so great pictures taken on my phone. But even if they are not so great, they do show some things that have made me happy recently.

Are there any little things that have brightened your day recently?


  1. It's brightened my day to read your use of malarkey. I love that word, and kerfuffle. And love that others have words they want to use in a sentence. I often say "Today's word is..." and then try to use it. I always pick a funny sounding word or an unusual word. If I am caught out using an unusual word a few times at work, my colleagues ask if it is my current favourite word. Lucinda

    1. Kerfuffle is a great word. I like words and language and frequently get odd looks for the words I use. I think if I worked with you we would have fun expanding our vocabularies.